What Customers Are Saying About A & H

Trish Kalmbach, Avis Farms

“A&H is exceptionally reliable. They stand behind their work. If a tenant calls and says that something isn’t quite right, A&H fixes it right away. I don’t have to ask them again and again. This keeps my tenants happy, and when they’re happy, I’m happy.”

John A. DeMattia Construction Management

“A&H just completed a major landscaping project at the ABN-AMRO building in Ann Arbor, where I was serving as a construction consultant to the developer, Avis Farms. A&H performed admirably. I’ve never seen a landscaper that was so organized and efficient. A&H completed the work quickly, and their workmanship and materials were well above average. I would recommend them on any project, on any size contract.”

Granger Construction Co.

“Thanks to A&H for your positive contribution to the Saline Area Schools Master Site Project. The Granger team appreciates your commitment to quality, schedule obligations, and problem solving. You handled owner requests, schedule adjustments, and completion of your work professionally and efficiently.”

Jerry Brand, Project Director
James T. Peace, Project Manager
Gene Strenzel, Superintendent

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Halo Stafford, Kramer-Triad Management

“A&H can do it all – lawn, snow, irrigation, and landscape. We appreciate having a single supplier capable of handling everything.”

“I’ve heard that some outdoor services companies try to deliver cookie-cutter services. We need our services customized to the specific site. Weatherstone Condos is a perfect example. A&H caters to our specific needs there.”

“I like that A&H is a relatively small company. I can call Tim or Brandon directly on their cell phones. I get a personal response. I don’t have to call an automated phone system that puts me through a complicated ‘Press 1 to Reach Sales’ type of process.”

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Rick Frenette, MAVDevelopment

“It’s nice not having to worry that the snow is off the walks or the lawns are cut on time. A&H does a great job on our properties.”

“Any outdoor service we need, A&H can handle. They’re sharp people, capable in all areas of landscape maintenance. They show great judgment about what needs to be done on our properties, and when.”

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Jim Haeussler, Peters Building Co.

“A&H is big enough that they can handle our size of jobs, but small enough that management keeps a day-to-day watch over our work. This gives us confidence they’ll stay on time and within budget.”

“We especially appreciate that A&H is a full-service supplier. We need only one vendor to handle landscape, lawn, irrigation, and snow.”

“A&H is proactive in pointing out ways they can do the job for us more efficiently. They’re experts at what they do. We don’t have to ask them to show us how we can save time and money in outdoor services.”

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Nick McMullen, Thomas B. McMullen Co.

“When I think of A&H, responsive is the first word that comes to mind. Sometimes when we need A&H to take care of something, we don’t even need to call hem. They know what our properties need so well, they anticipate the need and act on it at once.”

“A&H is just the right size for us. They’re big enough to have the manpower and expertise we need, but not so big that we feel like a number when we call them.”

“Sometimes I hear other landlords complain about their outdoor services suppliers. I always tell them, ‘I told you to call A&H.’ ”