Company History and Milestones

In 1991, Tim Austin and Brandon Hertel founded A&H Lawn Service. Inc. For our first seven years of operation, we primarily focused on residential and commercial lawn maintenance and snow removal. During those early years, A&H employed between two and twelve people.

A&H began providing landscape maintenance for small residential and commercial properties in 1995. Three years later, we formed specialized crews for fertilizing and irrigation system services. By that time, our small landscape maintenance jobs had given us the experience and proven success to begin pursuing larger landscape installation projects, and this soon became a significant share of our business.

Our first full landscape installation project was at the Davis residence in Pittsfield Township. It was a challenging project, but we were proud of the beautiful outcome. The homeowner was very pleased with the new landscaping.

In 2004, we sold the fertilizing division of our company. This enabled us to focus our attention on the growing needs of lawn care, landscaping, and irrigation systems.

Today we manage four lawn maintenance crews, two landscape maintenance crews, two irrigation maintenance crews, and two landscape installation crews. We now have 30 employees and serve over 250 regular customers. Among these are approximately 70 commercial snow and ice removal customers.